Coaching Recreational Soccer

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Recreational soccer organizations are where kids from all walks of life come to have fun playing an exciting and challenging sport. You will find kids join for several reasons yet  when all is said and done you will often find that there are three types of players that you will end up coaching, each presents […]

Beautiful Lake

Education Center

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We will be adding training files and video in the very near future, if you want to contribute please email MPYSA

Carrer Balmes by MorBCN

Ball dribbling skills

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Dribbling is one of the most basic of all soccer skills, being able to carry the ball past an opponent while maintaining control is a must.  If a player does not know how to dribble then he can not play the game. No matter what position a player plays, dribbling is a must.  Dribbling is […]

Passing Skills

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This video contains some the all time best moments in FIFA history!

Beach Huts by Keith Marshall

Proper Kicking Technique

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Coming Soon

Lets Play Some Soccer Video!

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Soccer Camp Video Coming Soon; sign up for our British Soccer Camp.