Coaches Agreement

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All coaches affiliated with MPYSA must be familiar with and adhere to the rules, regulations and philosophy
set forth here and in rules and regulations provided.

As a volunteer coach, I AGREE TO:

  • Treat each player, opposing coach, official, parent and league administrator with respect and dignity.
  • Do my best to learn the fundamental skills, teaching and evaluation techniques, and strategies of soccer.
  • Become thoroughly familiar with the rules of soccer.
  • Become familiar with the objectives of the youth sports program with which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.
  • Uphold the authority of officials who are assigned to the contests in which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of my players so that I might place them into situations where they have a maximum opportunity to achieve success.
  • Conduct my practices and games so that all players have an opportunity to safely improve their skill level through active participation.
  • Communicate to my players and their parents the right and responsibilities of individuals on my team.
  • Cooperate with the administrators of our organization in the enforcement of rules, regulations and program philosophy, and I will report any irregularities that violated sound competitive or ethical practices or situations which may be deemed questionable or not in the best interest of the participants.
  • Protect the health and safety of my players by insisting that all of the activities under my control are conducted for their psychological and physiological welfare, rather than for the vicarious interests of adults.
  • I will report all injuries to parents and administrators immediately.
  • I will make MPYSA aware of any misbehavior or misconduct by either players, parents, coaches or game officials for them to investigate and take appropriate action.
  • To complete all forms required.
  • Return all equipment provided at the end of the season and report any defective equipment immediately.

I have read the rules and regulations and understand my responsibilities as a volunteer coach. I understand that my volunteer services as coach may be terminated by MPYSA for any violation and/or misconduct of the rules and regulations set forth. I also understand that my volunteer services may be terminated at any time by MPYSA without cause and without notice. I have read all of the material contained on this page, and I understand, and I am in agreement with all that I have read. I further understand that a background check will be completed and available for MPYSA for review.

Please print the pdf available below, sign, and deliver to James Hudnall.

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